BIN END - Juhfark 15- Kolonics Winery - Somlo

BIN END - Juhfark 15- Kolonics Winery - Somlo

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The Wine: This young juhfark is a mineral citrus-fruit surprise with the minerality spine of a 10 year-old Somlo wine - a characteristic of year 2015 on Somlo-volcano. This vintage marks a definite shift in Kolo's carreer : the already outstanding winemaker turning into a great one.   

The Winery: Kolo, is an emblematic Somlo winemaker oddly "wedged" between two very different winemaker generations of this singular volcanic appellation.  He makes wines in barrels, according to ancient Somlo tradition, yet his winemaking style ensures an unusual level of freshness and fruityness. An interesting transition into the newer style of stainless-based production - carved out of wood. 

Grape: Juhfark, pron: ewe-farq.  "The Hun Archer" - who will ride past you then gets you unexpectedly by firing backwards from atop his horse. The wine is unlike anything else, its taste described by one of the World's leading wine journalists as: "it smelled like pollen and tasted like sunshine filtered through a clean mountain stream" *
Thrives on volcanic soil. One of the rarest grapewines of Hungary - and the world. Juhfark is grown only on 110 hectares in total, almost exclusively on Somlo-hill.

*A quote from Alder Yarrow,, read the full article here.