BIN END - Juhfark 15 - Somloi Vandor Cellar - Somlo

BIN END - Juhfark 15 - Somloi Vandor Cellar - Somlo

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The Wine: An unexpectedly refined and deep wine for its age. Full bodied, complex, powerful Somlo juhfark from an outstanding young winemaker and an outstanding year. This wine will absolutely redefine your idea of wine-food paring when you find out that it will stand up to even a Vindaloo. Prawn. Go for Prawn Vindaloo...

The Winery: University trained, then apprentice to Eger's star-winemaker, Tamas KIS, AKA Vandor found Somlo appellation by chance. His first ever wine was instantly voted 7th best dry white of Hungary. Tamas never looked back since.
Widely considered amongst the most talented young winemakers of the country, his kind, humble personality is present in every bottle.

Grape: Juhfark, pron: ewe-farq. "The Hun Archer" - who will ride past you then gets you unexpectedly by firing backwards from atop his horse. The wine is unlike anything else, its taste described by one of the World's leading wine journalists as: "it smelled like pollen and tasted like sunshine filtered through a clean mountain stream" *
Thrives on volcanic soil. One of the rarest grapewines of Hungary - and the world. Juhfark is grown only on 110 hectares in total, almost exclusively on Somlo-hill.

*A quote from Alder Yarrow,, read the full article here.