Juhfark - Szolo Szolo Winery - Somlo

Juhfark - Szolo Szolo Winery - Somlo

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The Wine: Full bodied, very-very distinctly volcanic - the classic case where the volcano's flintstoney-fumey minerality almost entirely overwrites both varietal and winemaker. With hot, or very spicy food it can set off some pretty amazing tasting experiences. Listed in several Michelin star restaurants in the UK already, this wine also featured in James Martin's cookery class in Chewton Glen Hotel. 

The Winery: Szolo Szolo means "Speaking Grapes". A new winery from 2016. They own the largest single juhfark plot on Somlo (8ha) Their début wines stand up against the best terroir wines of the world, praising a highly trained, but secretively remote winemaker trained at the Antinori family's Hungarian Estate.  

Grape: Juhfark, pron: ewe-farq. "The Hun Archer" - who will ride past you then gets you unexpectedly by firing backwards from atop his horse. The wine is unlike anything else, its taste described by one of the World's leading wine journalists as: "it smelled like pollen and tasted like sunshine filtered through a clean mountain stream" *
Thrives on volcanic soil. One of the rarest grapewines of Hungary - and the world. Juhfark is grown only on 110 hectares in total, almost exclusively on Somlo-hill.

*A quote from Alder Yarrow, vinography.com, read the full article here.