Tornai Premium Harslevelu

Tornai Premium Harslevelu

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"  Premium Hárslevelű - 2015

It has a straw-yellow colour,  moves „oilily” in the glass. Honey-like, vibrant, flower-like aromas appear in fragrance, with the background of low-key of the barrel.  dull notes. It opens with a rich flavour of high quality, with extremely complex diversity.

Overripened dried fruits, honey, sophisticated, elegant tannins blend in the mouth. Mature acids, creaminess make a long-lasting joy after a sip. Hárslevelű is one of the favourite kind for us, so it can be pleasingly fruity while maintaining its seriousness and elegance.

  • Type of wine: dry
    Alcohol: 11,72%
  • Sugar: 1,1 g/l
  • Acid: 5,7 g/l
  • Grape: Hárslevelű

Food pairings At the temperature of 12-14 C ° it is well recommended with spicy roasts and Asian cuisine"- Source: Tornai Winery